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Started by Pipstar, Jul 13, 2012, 06:10 am

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Yes, I get the exact same results as in their Mirrortraderpro stats, but this week it was a bit of a disaster but still up 2024 pips since 10 September, still not even a month...   Let us see what they do next week and if this is sustainable!

Hi Dk.

What do you mean that "the trades match perfect with my results"?

With "the trades" you intend those on their mirrortraderpro account here at

Please explain, thank you.


I am trying this service for the last 3 days, so far the trades match perfect with my results.  Will see how it goes in the next few weeks.

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    can anyone comment who has actually used the service?

    Look at post #2 for former user. Look at the summary with respect to (deposit/withdrawal) + (Profit/Loss) not equal to the (Balance) on

    Yea these guys were an utter joke, they still spam me with "fantastic" EA's and systems that "pull hundreds of pips from the market on a daily basis"... My advice would be to stay away but I understand ones curiosity to test the waters so to speak.

    His trading style from what I could gather was that he use price action. He'd plot the horizontal support and resistance for a range so to speak and then just set pending orders to sell when it hit the resistance at the top of the range, without waiting for confirmation whatsoever. They'd just bank on the fact that this support/resistance was going to hold up and be rejected, where in actual fact they should wait for confirmation of rejection via a bar formation. I actually questioned them on this and their response was rather amateur.

    My two cents would be too learn price action, but go that step further (that these guys don't) and learn bar/candle formations. All very very simple stuff and the only thing I find that works. Signal services are for people that are lazy, but in reality if you traded off the daily charts, you don't have to put too much time in on a daily basis to see good results.

    Anyway I hope this has cleared some things up again. All the best guys.


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      "MirrorTraderPro by Josh"

      Worst signal service ever. All trades are only losses. Please see attach... 3 days of trades...! Amazing... I would be rich if I reversed. Never subscribe to it !

      And when you ask for a Myfxbook, no way...

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        I tried these guys out for a month or so in the summer and like the 2 posters above me, I found almost all trades were losers. It was only on a trial basis and they were willing to extend the trial a couple of times, but inevitably, they couldn't win more than they lost.

        I also received the same spammy emails about how their trade copying service was nailing pips left and right, so you should "sign up fast," or something to that effect. Meanwhile, as a trial member of the trade copying service, they weren't nailing anything but losses.

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          Yes, it all turned around in a total disaster, I agree, they were just "lucky"!!  :(

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            Alright gang, This is Josh Taylor with Trade Advisor Pro. Now I normally do not respond to these posts but this needs to be discussed.

            First of all, jr689...I see that you only have a handful of posts...all seems to be geared towards TAP. So I am guessing you are a competitor trying to hurt us. And if you don't like the emails I send..unsubscribe. It's a free service you are on. And you have no right to complain about what I mail out...It's my client base...

            Second, for those of you saying how "bad" our service is I see that you have only used the service for a very short period of time. You cannot judge a service on a 1 week $1 trial..or 3 days for that matter. We have customers who have been with for a very long time...some of these customers have been with us for a year and have referred many of their associates to us. None of those customers are complaining. None have canceled service. For a reason...we have a strong track record. And we have gotten countless emails from customers saying this it the first time that have been successful in FX.

            Now, you guys try our service for 3 days, 7 days...we have slow week, or a drawdown week...and yet you think you know what what you are talking don't. Because the only customers that can TRULY judge our service, are those who have been with us for a long period of time.

            The problem is that 99% of the traders out there want the microwave oven approach....give me 10 trades today that double my account or your system does not work. That's why the majority of traders will always be playing it small time.

            Now for an explanation on what happened in October. My customers know that I am VERY transparent and have never had an issue with that. We have had so many customers ask us for the last year to post with a third-party service that we did. We like the way MT Rocket reports so we went with them.

            So here is our results for our email signals...Pro Signals Direct:


            We actually setup with MT rocket on Sept 10, 2012. So I want you to filter the results for September 10 through 30th. This is 1% risked per trade from open to stop. Typical results for 3 weeks...about 5.7% return.

            Now, the way I sent our signals I sent anywhere from 4 to 12 potential limit orders out, especially Sunday evening before the Asian session opens. At the beginning of October I sent 15 potential setups. Historically, (and I have been trading this way for 7 years) 60% of those orders are canceled...price never moved to our optimal entry we cancel them out. Because we let the market come to us, we don't "chase" the market. Our of the 40% of trades that do clear they do so a few at a time over the next few days...we close some profits, close partial positions, move our stops to Break Even or better until we feel the trade runs out of steam. That is not what happened early October. 12 of our 15 trades hit. And 10 of them were EUR and GBP based. EUR and GBP reversed (look at your charts) and we were caught in too many trades based o EUR and GBP. And we had a draw down. That was a bad week. And it was 100% my fault. Period.

            I make my living from my profits on my FX accounts...NOT from this service...I am married with 5 kids and I teach my kids and live by this principle..."That you can have everything in life what you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." By helping others, by putting our focus on helping others succeed is the only way to truly live a fulfilled life.

            And I built this business because I have been contacted by so many traders out there that were struggling. I thought that if people could sort of "look over my shoulder", to watch what I was doing..that I could help a lot of people. And I have. 80% of our customers are from referrals. This business has been a blessing to MANY people and will continue to be.

            So how did I rectify this with my customers? I let them know that in 7 years of trading this way off of market pull backs and swings that I have NEVER had that many trades hit at once. It was a fluke. So I made a commitment to my customers that we will not send more than 2 pending orders on any 1 currency pair cross (i.e. No more than 2 pending EUR trades) at once. It was something that I have never had happen. And we will ensure it never happens again by limiting the number of concurrent pairs we have pending at once.

            And now we continue forward. Like we always have. Today we closed out for MTP customers 3 scalps on the AUD/USD, closed partial positions on AUD/JPY and still up almost 70 pips on that trade and closed a NZD/JPY long position. PSD customers closed some small AUD/USD profits  (waiting on a re-entry and closed AUD/JPY profits (still in this trade, entry was 80.00 stop moved up "in the money" to 80.10.

            So, here I real name...real results...being real. We had a draw down. And I take 100% responsibility for it. But long-term we are up well over 10,000 pips for the year. And the customers that have been with me for a long-time, are laughing while you those who "tried" us for a week and want complain, are honestly missing out on probably the best signals service online. I absolutely believe that.

            My advice, if you guys would spend less time complaining and more time learning how to trade and digging into your charts, you would start seeing some profitable trades come your way.


            Happy Trading
            Josh Taylor

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              I tried the service for 2 months and it was not profitable. Don't believe the hype.

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                Josh, you are a total scammer, everyone on this topic had losses with you.
                See here 95% of your trades are negative. I should subscribe again and reverse your trades.
                You are big scammer and worst ever trader.
                Also you don't know what Myfxbook is, so you publish false statements.
                You should be ashamed.

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                  Second, for those of you saying how "bad" our service is I see that you have only used the service for a very short period of time. You cannot judge a service on a 1 week $1 trial..or 3 days for that matter. We have customers who have been with for a very long time...some of these customers have been with us for a year and have referred many of their associates to us. None of those customers are complaining. None have canceled service. For a reason...we have a strong track record.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                  so if you have such a record,

                  then why dont you have a verified myfxbook account to back up your claim.

                  only then and i mean only then it shows what you really can do.

                  without a verified account, its all hope you are selling.

                  good luck with that...........

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                    We have a verified MT Rocket account. When we submit our into to MT Rocket they verify each account. We chose MT Rocket because the reporting is easier to read. So we setup and verify with MyFXBook...same numbers. Because the numbers come straight out of MT4 through the publisher...exactly the same way they come to MyFXBook...

                    Listen, if everyone really feels MyFXBook is better, we have no problem setting up with them. We had customers asking for something so we looked around and chose MT Rocket.


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