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Started by peterc005, Jun 21, 2010, 09:49 am

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Cheers Dave

I shall be keeping a very close eye on blessing - at least I can check every day throughout the day
and hopefully control drawdown and take profit in time to stop the collapse???

The biggest dilemna for me is knowing that some accounts need a large enough account to  accomodate a big drawdown? But once down its often hard to get up??

You are making me cautious - and thats a good thing!


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    It's good to see this thread!  I did not know it existed until recently.  My name is Jeff Hubbard.  I am the founder of J Talon LLC.  I developed Blessing 2 and now Blessing 3 over the last several years.  I moved Blessing 3 over to a dedicated website, for continued development on Blessing 3.  We have a dedicated forum for Blessing 3 at  Our Development Group was created to put a brain trust behind the continued development of Blessing 3.

    Blessing 3 is a free EA.  It is not a martingale EA.  It is a grid trader.  Expel this myth from your mind.  It is WAY BEYOND what is being discussed here.  I developed several protection measures designed to protect your funds from you.  Blessing 3 will NEVER WIPE OUT YOUR ACCOUNT.  That is, if you follow the instructions in the manual, use the continually developed set files on the forum and follow our members suggestions, you will do very well. 

    This, in my humble opinion, is the best supported and best free EA on the market.  I am a bit slanted to Blessing 3 in that our group is the one continually developing this free EA!  If you go to the forum, you will find many members with links to live accounts and real money trading very well.  Specifically, if you find this post:, you will find four accounts doing quite well and if you continue in the thread you will find another.

    We are about to release our first commercial EA as well.  Again, has everything you need to find out everything you did and didn't want to know about Blessing 3 along with our new commercial product, Evolution.  Evolution discussion is not appropriate for this thread so I will save that for the commercial thread.  Thanks for checking this out!

    I hope you can go over to the web site and check out our forum as well.  You won't be disappointed!


    Happy Trading :D

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      About a month ago I started an experiment with Blessing. Blessing as it is with available set files exposes a great risk on every account. What I have done is to let two blessing microgrids running against each other, one of them takes only long trades in EURCHF the other one only short trades.

      Here are the results after one month of demo testing:

      I´ll let the demo run for another one ore two months and after that I consider to go live with this beast. Compounding is not planned, I would take the profits (projected 20%) after each month from the account.

      As you can see in the attached screenshots, the microgrids catches up and down moves very well.

      Have a great day

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        Fx pete

        Hi guys
        My apologies if this is off topic, I am running Blessing euro/chf pair and I trying to load a set file on to my chart I found this comment on the blessing forum but I am not sure  what overlay means  could someone please help to explain what this means

        thanx guys C :D


        Have this set file loaded on 1hr chart... have other set files loaded and working fine.
        For whatever reason, I am unable to get this set file to load properly. I have no information on screen. All tabs are checked, I have removed and re-added the chart and the set file, restarted MT4, still no joy

        Any ideas?

        Thanks guys.

        Hi P, scroll down to overlay and turn it on. It seems to be the few set files that has the overlay turned off

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          What are the best pairs for Blessing 3? I noticed that there are only set files for EURCHF, AUDNZD, and GBPUSD... Can this work on other pairs?

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            Hello Pete,

            I will attach the two set files I am using in the blessing thread at donnaforex forums since I cant attach files in this private message. Settings in this demo are unchanged after the adaptions I made. Please don´t try to trade this on live accounts, it is still too dangerous. Both Blessing instances run on EURCHF M5.

            Have a nice day,

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              I am up almost 5% in the past 2 days using the Blessing3 v3.9.5 with the official SET files for AUDNZD, EURCHF, and GBPUSD. I know its only 2 days, but let's see where it goes. Using HotForex demo account.

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                WOWSERS!!! As you can see from the Myfxbook chart in my above post, and the post below, I just got my demo account stopped out by Blessing, all on the AUDNZD pair. It opened up 6 losing trades, ranging in lots from 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 13 for a total of 32 open lots in drawdown on the pair...

                Hmmm, time to tinker with some settings...

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                  Jun 03, 2011, 01:23 pm Last Edit: Jun 03, 2011, 02:45 pm by fpu
                  This is exactly what Blessing is doing, after some days or weeks or months ;)

                  Don´t give up looking for nice sets, Blessing is a great playground.

                  Have a nice weekend,

                  @Moderators, could you pleae aprove the attachments some posts above this? TY

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                    Jun 03, 2011, 01:45 pm Last Edit: Jun 03, 2011, 01:47 pm by XeroFX
                    "ALL GRID trading systems FAIL in the end !!!"

                    This EA is extremely profitable and very dangerous for exactly the same reasons. You could run it for Months / Years with major profits and then it will suddenly wipe your entire account.

                    Please know that I've run 10 year 99% accurate backtests with most versions of this EA. Yes its insanely profitable, but it will wipe your account one day and you never know when that will be.

                    However, I always check for the new EA versions. Crazy system with excellent developers. lol  8)

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