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99% backtesting quality?
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THV4 complete system.

Started by Candlestick, Nov 26, 2009, 01:22 pm

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Nov 26, 2009, 01:22 pm Last Edit: Nov 26, 2009, 01:24 pm by Supranium

I recently found great system which im testing at the moment. First impression is very good. The system seems complicated at first but it actually isnt. Its rather simple if you figure out the terms which you will be using making/closing your orders.
System covers all the indicators you will ever need (some on extra). I personally cut few of them off.
Overall view looks really good and templates are very well done. Clean and clear.
Look for yourself and say what do you think.

Topic link.

I hope admins allow the link.

I will update then i have demoed this a week and will give you my first thoughts.

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    First impression continues.
    Today i finished all the reading about pivots, resistances and supports. Also got more familiar with the system overall and started trading.
    For you to know, i have been in forex only 2 months but have learned a lot and tried a lot already.
    Last two days i have been figuring out how exactly trade with this system. So today i started demoing.
    First day is to be honest "too good to be true". So im not expecting this to continue. I made 212pips with 5 hours on london session and i have been trading a little on late new york session now. Still few trades hanging at the moment. +239pips closed trades and total +34pips floating.
    This i cant see continuing even in my wettiest dreams but if i can keep trading smart then hopefully just a percentace of todays profit every day on long term would be really nice.
    System itself doesnt seem too complicated like i said on first post also, but it still need huge consentration on screen to be profitable. And some knowhow ofcourse. How to trade overall.
    Todays statistics then again.
    Pairs traded 8
    Total trades 22. 19winners (86%). 2 SL´s. 1 closed with 0.

    Happy pips to everyone!

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      Little update.
      Still learning...  ;D
      Lost everything which was gained 2 days ago. Did some mistakes. Now learned from it, tried couple of new ideas which didnt work. Now took some speed off and trading a little more carefully.

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        Another update.

        Im getting there... slowly but still getting there  ;D

        I found several weaknesses on thv4 system. It doesnt have abilities to catch large sudden movements because they are not counted as trends and TP rules are tight. Also i didnt like to stare at the screen as much as this system needs me to.
        So i did a lot of reseach and rearranged a lot.
        Now i truly think that im settled with serious trading mechanism which is profitable.
        I kept it as simple as it can be. Still using some parts of THV and some others.
        My complete setup is only 3 indicators plus some filtering rules which are elliminating bad trades.
        Im also on the script and im filtering time, out of my trade system. Doing this gives me better view of price changes. I dont depend much on news and quick sudden movements. vice versa, im getting profits from them.
        Today is my first day of forward testing it. I Trade only europian session because my new system is not suitable for quick scalping and i need clear movement to be profitable.

        Its too early to give any other info but to give you a little hint. +64pips today. Still did 2 bad trades by going in without conformation of indicator. I will avoid this in future.  So yo can add around +40pips if not considering those two stupid trades.

        I also did couple of weeks visual backtest for my system for all the pairs i trade. Results are not 100% accurate of course, but all pairs had 70-80% win rate and ended with +400 to +1100pips for 2 weeks period.  Trading 6 majors excluding eurchf and probably will be very little trades on erugbp aswell. Maybe taking eurnzd in.

        Anyway. As im not using full THV anymore, i probably will not post here for further.
        Dont get my sayings wrong. I belive THV is exellent system. Just not for me.

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          Btw. Thiese THV guys developed an EA based on the manual system.
          I just gave first look at the EA and developing my setting which are not based on low time frames scalping. First backtests are very promising.

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