BOFX Trading System

Started by donnaforex, Nov 08, 2013, 10:46 pm

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The owner of this system (sold via ebay) is available on the forum to answer questions and comments.

Ebay link:

If you have traded with BOFX, please share your experiences.

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    BOFX System

    Thank you kindly for the introduction Donna.

    My mentoring reveals to you why indicators do not work, why forex is an unfair market, and why unless you know exactly how the market works you can never trade profitably and consistently.

    All information about the mentoring can be found on the ebay link, but feel free to ask me any question.

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      Your Ebay listing very simply does not give enough real information on which to make a purchasing decision, IMO.
      It seems that your purchase price is really for education and information, and therefore tough to actually have a refund policy, because someone cant unlearn what you have taught them.

      I would suggest making a myfxbook available that will at least let prospects  see what results YOU are making using your own system. That doesnt reveal anything other than what they can expect to mimic. Also, one potential way to somewhat secure your educational materials would be a web - based viewer that customers get a login-based access to, which doesnt allow for copying/pasting. Another Ebay vendor had a similar setup, seemed to me to be a smart way to go. Then you could HAVE some materials beyond just a skype session.

      Thats my honest feedback. Good luck.

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        BOFX System

        Thank you for the honest feedback. I really appreciate it.

        I've gone to such a length to prove that what I'm offering is genuine. I already have 8 students now, from all over the world, from all over the forex forums.

        It doesn't take 8 of them to put a megaphone on everyone's ear to tell everyone I'm a scammer. They are all quiet, and this is subconsciously honest. One was kind enough to put his testimonial on one forex forum, which I put on the ebay page under the heading graduate testimonial.

        All of the screenshots come from myfxbook, and I've had people accusing me of faking them. I don't know how to fake it. I especially don't know how to fake a statement that has a withdrawal entry on it. As far as I know you cannot make a withdrawal on a demo account. But, it seems that as soon as you get the label of being a forex seller, it becomes people's right to abuse them, no matter how much goodwill I've shown to people. That's fine. That's natural. And that's a reflection of themselves.

        To those who still think I'm a scammer and I'm faking myfxbook screenshot, then my challenge to them is to indeed make a fake screenshot that looks genuine, containing only my profitable trades. I dare those to put their money where their mouth is. Accusing is one thing, having the guts to prove me wrong is another thing.

        There was a time when I opened myfxbook link for public but all I had was negative comments and people could actually work out the way I trade. So it was a bad idea.

        The guarantee is another goodwill I'm showing to those who already know this method. I personally wouldn't like to pay something that I already know. And I know for sure that I'm not the only person who knows about this. Hence, it was given as a goodwill. The same goes with the 1/2 day preview. If you have a taste for it and you don't like it, then I would gladly refund your money too.

        The screenshot does tell you what to expect and to mimic from my own result. But I'm not the best student of this method. Another mentoree is really killing the market this method, but too bad he is not willing to share the method with anyone.

        Your suggestion on a web-based viewer is highly appreciated but I'm not a technical person at all. I'm a musician by trade, and I the find internet and technologies quite challenging.

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          I have read through your ebay page thoroughly but I still have a couple more questions.  Would you please contact me through email so I may ask it confidentialy?  Email is

          Thank you for your contributions!

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            Why not direct message him through Ebay????

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              create a real fx book link live. You can do this easily. Without a fx book live, no point. Anyone can teach

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                BOFX System

                Dec 17, 2013, 02:40 am Last Edit: Dec 18, 2013, 06:23 pm by donnaforex

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                  Dec 17, 2013, 05:26 am Last Edit: Dec 17, 2013, 04:02 pm by odysseus11
                  Actually, there is quite a bit of doubt.
                  You have not posted one shred of anything that anyone on this forum considers true evidence, such as a myfxbook of results, or a peer review from a trusted forum senior member (no,
                  it doesnt have to be me).

                  Until and unless you do, no one is going to believe you. Good luck.

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                    BOFX System

                    It's funny how I've given you the first day for FREE and never replied to the homework I've given you and yet say something like this.

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